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     I discovered Alperton Cleaners purely by chance and figured I'd give them a go because they had a great deal on. They now do my home and office cleaning and are amazing at both.
Niall Jones19/05/2020
     The staff, domestic cleaners and management with Carpet Cleaner Alperton are very attentive and hard-working, to ensure a desirable outcome. Another happy customer!
G. Glover19/09/2019
     I'm a single dad with five kids so keeping the house clean is an epic challenge. Between school and sports for the kids and work for myself, things get hectic. I'm so grateful for Alperton Cleaners and their awesome team of cleaners. I have a regular cleaner who comes each week. For the past three months she has been an absolute godsend. I love coming home each week after she's worked her magic on the place and kicking off my shoes in a neat and tidy home. Thanks so much!
Bobby T.24/03/2015
     I get interested in things like my home always smelling good! I mentioned this to the first cleaner that came and now they use the same bleach and cleaning materials every time! It's really so nice to pay for a decent service that fulfils what it says on their website. I get them across once a week, usually through the middle of the week and haven't looked back since! Not only were they very enthusiastic, but they gave me some ideas about how I can keep things cleaner myself when I clean alone. Two thumbs up for Alperton Cleaners!
     If there's one advantage of a professional cleaner I'd single out as the most important, it'd be precision. All of those tight spots where dirt can build up are some of the hardest to get to, especially in my house. Alperton Cleaners provided me with a cleaner that did just that. I was particularly impressed with the heavy-duty cleaning materials they used. For such a cheap service, I really wasn't expecting this level of quality. I was more than happy to put the cleanliness of my home into their hands, because it really paid off at the end of the day. My home looks and feels fantastic, what else is there to say? Wholly recommended!
Derek Sanders21/08/2014
     I was getting older and arthritis was effecting my hands so felt it was time to hire some extra help in the home. I was given the contact name and number of a cleaning company my daughter had used from time to time. I called and booked an appointment for a home clean service with Alperton Cleaners. I was greeted by friendly staff from the first call to the polite cleaners, and received a wonderful service. The cleaners were helpful and competent and worked very hard on my home. My house was given a thorough clean and it looked exceptional.
Edna Barlow24/07/2014
     What a fantastic service that Alperton Cleaners provide, and at a great price too. When my cleaner visits, every second Thursday at 10am, I have the kettle boiled and I really enjoy getting on top of the housework. Whilst I might not be able to do quite so much anymore I always assist in any way that I can and we have really great time, a good laugh and a chit chat. I must say that my cleaner is extremely hardworking and vastly experienced which means that she can offer invaluable tips and tricks to remove stains or speed up arduous jobs.
Frank L.30/06/2014
     In some ways, I have been waiting for somebody to give me the answer to my stress troubles all of my adult life! Since having our first kid, I feel like I have not had a chance to sit down, and that was seven years ago! I have found that using Alperton Cleaners has made things a great deal easier in the scheme of things however, and I am really glad that I am not battling with the vacuum cleaner every day now, as they do such a great job of getting the place looking incredible.
Alice Moore14/05/2014
     Alperton Cleaners always do a great job cleaning my house. The quality of the clean is very consistent, and I know just what to expect from my friendly and skilled cleaners. They really pay attention to detail which is very much appreciated. I have quite high standards when it comes to cleaning, and this is the only cleaning company that have been able to provide me with just what I was looking for. I'm very satisfied with what is a very professional and reliable cleaning service! I also found the company to be very helpful and affordable, especially when considering the level of service.
     Alperton Cleaners have been sending round one of their team to clean my home on a weekly basis for longer than I can remember. Certainly since my children were small, and apart from one they have now all left home! When you think about it it's scary, but I have never had any reason to change things. That's the thing about Alperton Cleaners, they are reliable, and good at what they do. They are always on time and they do a fantastic job each and every week. Things just seem to work, and I'd be lost without their services now, even though the kids make less mess!
Mrs. Chancery30/01/2014

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